When it comes to copy, Erika focuses on voice and clarity. Because the process often uncovers questions, the best writing comes from a collaborative effort with the client. 

Erika has turned dozens of self-help books into online programs to help people meet their personal goals, and her copy experience runs the gamut from email campaigns, presentations, articles and product descriptions to interviews, video and audio scripts for AARP Life Reimagined and numerous UN organizations, including UNITAID, UNRISD and UN Volunteers. 


Dr. Phil's "Become the Best Version of Yourself"

Feeling stuck? With the same no-nonsense guidance he's used for over 40 years, Dr. Phil helps you build on what you love and change what you don't. This interactive journey gets you to stop dreaming and start doing. Get started with a 14-day free trial.


Sally Helgesen's "Value Your Vision"

While male attention tends to have a narrow focus, women’s attention tends to be engaged more broadly. When they’re both valued, they complement each other in the workplace. Learn more about both and find your focus.

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Esther Perel's "Reawaken Desire"

Intimacy isn’t about technique or skill—it’s about how you relate to your partner. But passionate love can suffer when everything becomes too familiar. Build an erotic connection by prioritizing curiosity.



Sustainable Energy for All 

Dutch organizations ENERGIA and HIVOS effect global change by focusing on local, sustainable solutions  with partners in developing countries to meet the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.