Dr. Phil

AARP created a division called Life Reimagined to reach 40-60 year olds, and to confront the reality of life transitions by putting personal growth at the forefront. This led to Life Reimagined's partnership with Dr. Phil , and the creation of "Become the Best Version of Yourself."

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Take Phil McGraw's bestseller Self Matters and turn it into an online experience, complete with 50 custom videos and a private workbook. While Dr. Phil has a following, his audience either tunes into his show or buys his books. Purchasing a subscription online would be a new frontier for personal growth and Dr. Phil. 


As the lead copywriter on the project, I delivered the direction for all fifty videos, including the marketing videos and the program itself, as well as the copy for the marketing landing page, the top of which you see here. Several thousand fans paid for the program and watched the videos as they progressed. 

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